A piece created for a show last year that never materialized, ‘Dawn’ is now available from the Mostlywanted shop. Shes 12x15” (excluding the frame) and is a one off digital painting on cotton rag stock, mounted on board, varnished and framed.



I made an evil cat from space dancing with a cosmic girl for Breaking Rocks.
Hice que una chica cósmica bailara con un gato del espacio para Breaking Rocks.

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Free hi res sketches!



January 7

I woke up to memories of things that didn’t happen

Wondering what’s real and what’s not

If they weren’t true then what is there to forget.


Selected works from Dutch illustrator Denise van Leeuwen. His works primarily consist of graphite pen and pencil pieces, with an occasional splash of colored pencil.

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Free by Andrea Hrnjak

Happy New Year!


Personal illustration - Light thief



Hello Friends in Art.  If you haven’t heard, my hometown has been struck by a category 5 storm called Haiyan.  If you could help repost this link and donate, that would help a lot.  

No amount is too small for the victims.  There is an estimated 10,000 deaths brought about by this super typhoon.

Thank you all for your generosity.

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